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Customer Service is not a Department

I went out for dinner with my family to a popular restaurant chain a little while back. At the time, this particular one was newly opened maybe a month or so and the experience was great. They are well known for their meats and boy did they deliver!


Anyway back to my story. When we had finished and were ready to leave, we asked for the bill and the manager – who had not been very visible prior to that – came over to our table and asked, “Did they take care of you?”…..……………now, therein lies the problem. Firstly, who are ‘they’? Obviously he meant the waiters. That leads to my second question; is there supposed to be a distinction in ‘ranks’ where dealing with customers is concerned?


 Yes it was brilliant that the manager wanted feedback on our experience. The choice of the word ‘they’ however has the potential to compromise the validity of the feedback. In giving great customer service there is no ‘me’ or ‘they’ but always ‘US’ or ‘WE’. This is because the customer sees the business as one entity. One of the by-products of great team work is great customer service, so when business representatives distance themselves from a service, this could be interpreted as an absence of cohesion in the business which is not a good impression. ‘Did we take care of you?’ on the other hand, depicts a more genuine desire and willingness to take responsibility for the customer’s experience as well as an openness to take criticism on board.


Irrespective of who is dealing with customers at a particular time, it is crucial to know that they are representing the company. A united front puts you in a better light to the customer and gives the impression that the business is willing and able to deliver great service.                                                             

No matter your role, customer service is part of the job.


"Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job." - Anonymous

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