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The Customer's Perception Is Your Reality

In today’s competitive marketplace, service is the most important thing a company has to sell. It is what sets businesses apart, and the quality is rated entirely by the consumer. 

One of my favourite illusions, the 100 year old optical 'Duck or Rabbit?' illusion, reminds me about the power of perception in customer service. This illusion is an ambiguous image in which a rabbit or a duck can be seen. Some see a duck first, some see a rabbit first and some see both animals at the same time....... it depends on who is looking at it! 

Therefore, no matter how awesome you think your customer service is, your success depends on how awesome your customers think you are. That is why we need to design our customer experience from the CUSTOMER'S PERSPECTIVE, not ours, by actively listening to them.


Remember that “The customer’s perception is your reality”.  — Kate Zabriskie.

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