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A few years ago, an elderly man of 89 years was snowed in around the holidays at his Pennsylvanian home. He was not able to go out to buy any supplies and his daughter was very worried about him. She feared that he would not have enough food due to the impending storm in the area. She therefore called several stores looking for anyone who would deliver to her father’s home but no one was willing to do this due to the bad weather.

Eventually she called up Trader Joe’s - a grocery store - who also told her that they did not do deliveries but given the circumstances, they would gladly deliver to her father’s home. During the phone call, Trader Joe’s employees even suggested other items which will fit perfectly with her father’s low sodium diet and assured her that the delivery would be made free of charge! They wished her a Merry Christmas and the food was delivered within 30mins of the call.

This heartwarming story was featured on multiple online and physical news publications with thousands of people commending Trader Joe’s staff. Underlining this sweet story was the empathy the staff felt when they put themselves not only in the daughter’s shoes but also in the father’s shoes as well.

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