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The W Factor

Unlike the X Factor Competition where contestants have a schedule for auditions, countless rehearsals, voice coaching and live shows leading up to the Finals, the Wow Factor in customer service (or the W Factor as I like to call it) on the other hand is like constantly being in the finals. No rehearsals and second takes; every contact made with the customer determines whether or not they will come back and therefore you have to be awesome every time.  The W factor is basically exceeding your customers’ expectations. Note the word exceed here – your customers are neutral if you only meet their expectations; not dissatisfied with your service but not jumping up and down with excitement either. Neutral customers are indifferent customers who can easily be swayed by your competition.

The W Factor however does not happen overnight. Outstanding service is not automatic; it is as much a learned process as it is business specific. How do you consistently deliver the W Factor then? You need to understand what YOUR customers’ expectations are. Almost every business says they are passionate about delivering outstanding customer service; and yet the January 2018 UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) results  based on 46,500 survey responses reveal that although customer satisfaction is up 0.3 points compared to the same time last year, it has actually fallen since July 2017.  So why is that the case? The answer is simple; most businesses are convinced they know what their customers want by reading volumes of reports on customer service without actually asking them.

Meeting your customers’ expectation is one thing, but exceeding it requires knowing them well. No two businesses are the same – so theories, statistics and case studies are not the only route to delivering the W Factor. This is done by continuously eliciting feedback from your clients, engaging with them, taking an interest in them and observing patterns in their buying behaviour.

When you do these regularly, you will know what your customers expect from you, and only then will you be in a great position to exceed it. 


"Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get."

~ Nelson Boswell

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