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Do you know who your customers are, and what they expect from you? It seems like such a straightforward question, but the answer to this has implications for the continued success of your business. Gathering data based on the purchasing patterns of your clients is useful, but it can only go so far in helping you really get to know them. Companies that make an effort to have a better understanding of their customers are moving in the right direction to making their business and brand better.


Here are some quick pointers to help you on your customer fact-finding mission:


1. Know your business. Getting to know your customers well actually starts with knowing your business; strengths and weaknesses. Knowing your shortfalls helps you to start thinking of ways to get better, and having an insight into what your strengths are, enables you to deploy these to the benefit of your customers.

2. Zero tolerance for assumptions. Your clients’ interaction with your business is constantly evolving, so assumptions based on previous practices will not be an effective strategy to get to know your customers better. Making use of current information is a more accurate and reliable component for providing enhanced customer experience.

3. First-hand experience. The only way to understand the unique and dynamic journey of your customer is to put yourself in their shoes. Take some time to map out their journey with you from start to finish, and then you can actually experience what their interaction with your business is like.

4. Turn negative reviews to your advantage. Negative reviews – unpleasant as they seem – are also an opportunity to understand the customer’s expectations better. It is a great opportunity to connect with the customer and find out how to make your business better. Once you solve their problems, they could actually become repeat customers.

5. Simply ask. This is one of the simplest methods that businesses can use to get to know their customers better. Asking the right questions will provide insights into what the customers really need and this helps companies to serve them better. In addition, surveys can be used to gain honest feedback regarding a product or service. Asking customers and conducting surveys are very helpful in understanding what the customers are thinking, and how they feel about a product or service. 


6. Social Media to the rescue. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide insights into customer’s likes and habits, as well as customer complaints regarding various products or services. Businesses can learn a great deal about their customer’s likes and dislikes which inadvertently also garner additional comments from other customers as well as prospective customers. As the online interaction between the company and customer is visible to all, it effectively portrays the company’s stand towards customer satisfaction - and this is a bonus!


Want to stand out from your competition? Get to know your customers better in order to be able to deliver superior customer experience.


“The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.” — John Russell (CEO, Manganese Bronze Holdings)

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